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#1 2013-06-28 17:57:45

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What to do with Larvae

I've noticed that in the Apiculture tab there are a few larvae at the bottom. I believe Sengir is trying to do something with them, yet doesn't know yet. If so, allow me to help ;D My idea for this is that you can make a Bee Incubator block. It would be crafted with honey combs, an iron block, two torches, and redstone. After you make it, plop it down, hook it up to some power (buildcraft conductive pipes or thermal expansion energy conduits) and put your larvae into it. But it won't work. Why? Put a lever on the side, flip it, THEN it will start incubating the bee larvae. Once the larvae have matured into full grown bees, put them to work!

That is my idea for what to do with the Larvae. If you put it in, at least credit me in some way. big_smile

- SnappGamez

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Dinobees! We need that add-on so that when you have the Fossils/Archeology mod and Forestry, you can have Dinosaur Bees that you get from Bio-Fossils! I WANT A DUCK.


#2 2013-08-11 01:01:33

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Re: What to do with Larvae

I actually thought that is where Sengir was headed with it?

BTW I like the idea of Prehistoric monster bees(DinoBees) wink, they could be a way to find or help make prehistoric extinct trees.


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