The Centrifuge is a machine that is tasked with the extraction of bee products from their honey combs.

Note: Buildcraft Energy
The Centrifuge needs BuildCraft energy (MJ) to work, which can be supplied directly by any BuildCraft compatible engine, like Thermal Expansion, RedPower 2 and RailCraft engines, or it can be inputed from any side BuildCraft conductive pipes, or Thermal Expansion Redstone Energy Conduits.



  • 1x Sturdy Casing
  • 6x Copper Ingot
  • 2x Glass


  • 1x Centrifuge


The Centrifuge's GUI is divided into 2 areas:

I - Product input slot
Place the products you want to be processed in here.

II - Product output slot
Items that resulting from processing (I) end here.


There are several products that can be obtained in a Centrifuge.

See Centrifuge Recipes for more information.

Pipe Connectivity



  • Any side: Products (I)

Powered Output1)

  • Any side: Products (II)

RedPower Tubes

Note: Tubes
RedPower 2's Tubes behave diffently from Buildcraft Pipes! This is not a bug.


  • Top and bottom: Products (I)


  • Sides: Products (II)
1) Wooden Pipe and Redstone Engine
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