Squeezer Recipes

This is a list of the products that can be produced in a Squeezer (as of Forestry 1.7.0.x).

Note: Liquid quantities are expressed in Millibuckets (mB). One Bucket/Can/Capsule is worth 1000 mB.

See the Table of Contents for easier navigation.

Since all recipes are shapeless (i.e., items can be placed in any order), no recipe pictures are shown.

Liquids from Cans/Capsules/etc.

Name Requires Amount Produced Byproducts
(Any) Can/Capsule with any liquid 1000 mB Wax Capsule → Wax (10%)
Refractory Wax Capsule → Refractory Wax (10%)
Tin Can → Tin (5%)

Note: The example above is for Water from Water Cans. Almost any liquid can be squeezed from its Can/Capsule.

Liquid Recipes

Name Requires Amount Produced Byproducts Use
Honey 1x Honey Drop
1x Honeydew
100 mB Honey → Propolis (5%) Can be used in the Analyzer for automation.
Can be used in a Fermenter to make Short Mead or Biomass.
Crushed Ice 1x Snowball
4x Ice Shard
4000 mB None Used as coolant for the Combustion Engine (Buildcraft).
It is 10x more efficient than Water.
Lava 1x Sand/ Dirt/ Cobblestone
2x Phosphor
Sand → 2000 mB
Dirt/Cobblestone → 1600 mB
None Necessary in the Biogas Engine as heater.
Seed Oil 1x Walnut/Chestnut
1x Seeds/ Melon Seeds/ Pumpkin Seeds
Walnut/Chestnut → 200 mB
Seeds/Melon Seeds/Pumpkin Seeds → 20 mB
Walnut/Chestnut → Mulch (5%) Necessary for some Carpenter recipes
Can be used as fuel for the Biogas Engine.
Apple Juice 1x Apple 200 mB Mulch (40%) Can be used in the Fermenter to make Biomass.
Can be used as fuel for the Biogas Engine.
Water 1x Cactus 500 mB None Used in several Carpenter recipes.
Can be used as fuel in a Biogas Engine (although it is severely discouraged)
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