Bio Generator

If you have IndustrialCraft2, you can use Biomass or Biofuel to produce EU for use in IndustrialCraft2 machines.

Its energy production depends on the fuel used, it'll produce far more energy with Biofuel than with Biomass.

Note: Requirements
The Bio Generator requires IndustrialCraft2 for operation. If it's not installed, the Bio Generator will not work.



  • 6x Gold Ingot
  • 2x Glass
  • 1x Sturdy Casing


  • 1x Bio Generator


The Bio Generator's GUI is divided into 3 areas:

I - Liquids Input Slot
You can manually place Biomass or Biofuel in here, through Buckets, Cans, Cells, etc. The liquids will go to II.

II - Liquids Tank
Shows how much Biomass or Biofuel is in the tank.
Up to 10000 mB (10 Buckets) worth of Biomass/Biofuel can be stored.

III - Energy Buffer
Shows how much energy is currently stored.
The Bio Generator can store up to 30000 EU.

Energy Production

Fuel Used Energy Production Production Rate
Biomass 8000 EU/1000 mB 8 EU/t
Biofuel 32000 EU/1000 mB 16 EU/t

Note: 1000 mB = 1 Bucket.


Note: Tubes
RedPower 2 tubes behave differently than BuildCraft pipes! This is not a bug.


  • Any Sides: Biomass/Biofuel Cans/Capsules/Buckets, etc. (I)
  • Any Sides (Waterproof): Biomass or Biofuel (II)

IndustrialCraft 2 Cable Connectivity

You can connect an IC2 machine or storage unit directly to the Bio Generator, or use any cable that supports at least Low Voltage (LV), such as Copper Cable.

Ultra-Low-Current Cable (also known as Tin Cable) will not work!

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