Farm Structure

This page shows the mechanics of the MultiFarm structures, and how to build them.

Farm Block

The Farm Block is the main structural block of the Farm, and because the Farm is multi-block structure, you will need several of them, depending on how big you want it. The third layer of the farm must entirely consist of these. All other blocks in the structure are interchangeable with any of the other component blocks though.



  • 1x Stone Bricks (Any variation) OR Bricks OR Smooth/Chiseled Sandstone OR Quartz
  • 2x Wooden Slab (Any)
  • 2x Copper Ingot
  • 1x Tin Electron Tube


  • 1x Farm Block

The chosen material will dictate what the Farm looks like. Different materials can be combined for decorative purposes.

Farm Layouts

To build the Farm, you will first need to set up its layout. You can choose from the following:

Post v4.0
needs updating

Post v3.1

Type WxLxH Radius Space (WxL) Farm Blocks Farm Land Top-Down Representation
Small 3x3x4 9 Blocks 21×21 36 252
Medium 3x4x4 12 Blocks 27×28 48 432
Medium Large 4x4x4 12 Blocks 28×28 64 456
Large 3x5x4 15 Blocks 33×35 60 660
Very Large 5x5x4 15 Blocks 35×35 100 720

Pre v3.1

Type WxLxH Radius Space (WxL) Farm Blocks Farm Land Top-Down Representation
Small 3x3x4 4 Blocks 11×11 36 72
Medium 3x4x4 5 Blocks 13×14 48 110
Medium Large 4x4x4 5 Blocks 14×14 64 120
Large 3x5x4 6 Blocks 15×17 60 156
Very Large 5x5x4 6 Blocks 17×17 100 180
Note: Farm Sizes
The representations above show the largest extent of the Farm for each setup. You can lay out smaller extents of farmland, but the Farm won't be as efficient.

You will also need to lay out the area for the farmland, using any of the following blocks:

  • Stone Bricks
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Cracked Stone Bricks
  • Mossy Stone Bricks
  • Smooth Sandstone
  • Chiseled Sandstone
  • Bricks
  • Nether Bricks

The farmland can be laid out at any level (comparative to the Farm's structure), this means that you can place the farmland directly below the Farm Structure, aligned with any level of its 4-tall structure, etc.
You cannot lay the farmland directly on top of the Farm's structure, though.

(Side Representation)
Valid? Yes, for any of these. Invalid setup.

The table above is a side representation of both valid and invalid setups, regarding where you can place your farmland.
Although they represent 3×3 setups, the concept is the same for the remaining sizes.

Farm Components

Some of the Farm Blocks can be replaced with special ones that add extra functionality to the Farm.

To add one of the blocks described below, replace one of the outer Farm Blocks (except the ones on the 3rd layer) with the one you want.

Farm Valve (Hydration)

Some farms require water for hydration purposes. Although you can do it manually by supplying it through liquid containers (such as cans), you can also automate the process by using Farm Valves.

By connecting a Buildcraft Waterproof Pipe into the Farm Valve and supplying Water, you can automatically fill the Farm's Water Tank.



  • 1x Farm Block
  • 1x Tin Gear
  • 2x Glass


  • 1x Farm Valve

Farm Gearbox (Power)

To power your Farm and have it automatically harvest crops, you will need at least one Farm Gearbox.

Note: Buildcraft Energy
The Farm Gearbox requires Buildcraft Energy (MJ) in order to work. You can supply it by connecting a Buildcraft-compatible engine, through Buildcraft's Conductive Pipes or through Thermal Expansion's Redstone Energy Conduits.



  • 1x Farm Block
  • 3x Tin Gear


  • 1x Farm Gearbox

Farm Hatch (Pipe Connectivity)

You can supply and extract items from the Farm by using Farm Hatches that are connected to Pipe systems.

Note: Tubes
RedPower 2 Tubes behave differently from Buildcraft Pipes! This is not a bug.

Fertilizer is added from the west side, soil from the north, and seeds/saplings from the top. Items are extracted from the bottom.



  • 1x Farm Block
  • 2x Tin Gear
  • 1x Trapdoor


  • 1x Farm Hatch

Supplying Items

The Farm Hatch is clever enough to know which item goes where. If an item isn't appropriate for the farm's configuration, the Hatch will simply reject it.

Extracting Items

Any item that is harvested by the MultiFarm is automatically ejected by the Farm Hatches into inventories or Buildcraft Transport Pipes directly below them. Pipes can be used to extract from other sides.

Farm Control

1)You can control which fields your farm works on by applying redstone signals to control blocks. You can either shut down the whole farm by applying a redstone signal from top or below or you can disable a specific side by applying a redstone signal on the matching side of the control block.



  • 1x Farm Block
  • 2x Redstone
  • 1x Golden Electron Tube


  • 1x Farm Control
1) Forestry and later
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