Here you will find the links to download Forestry and some of its plugins.

Current Version

Version Minecraft Forge Download
Forestry 1.6.4 Universal BinaryMirror #1 (CurseForge)

As of, ONLY IC2 Experimental branch is supported.


  • NO DOWNGRADE POSSIBLE! Upgrading a world to this version from or before is final, you can't go back!
  • The following machines will cease to exist on upgrade: All old planters and harvesters, the forester, the automatic treetap.
  • Make sure you have all your Forestry machines placed before upgrading. Machines in item form in your inventory or in chests will vanish! Just place them somewhere temporarily to keep them. Sorry about that, can't be avoided unfortunately.


See the development forum for API downloads, developer binaries and possibly betas.

Old Versions

See this forum thread for a link to the old version archive.


Forestry supports localizations. You can contribute localizations for the next Forestry release at GitHub.


I currently don't accept donations, but if you play EVE Online, feel free to throw your virtual ISKs at “Aquna Eris”1) in-game. I'll put them to good use2).

The Feed The Beast team has created a mod pack that contains both Forestry and other main mods.
If you don't like manually installing mods, this is a great alternative. Get it here: Feed The Beast Website.


The code of “Forestry for Minecraft” in source or binary form is the intellectual property of SirSengir. You may not reproduce, redistribute or modify it unless noted otherwise below.

Mod Packs: You are free to add Forestry to your modpack and redistribute it, as long as the modpack is strictly non-profit and none of the other mods are included against their license. Yes, this even applies to packs made by people I don't like. Don't expect me to play tech support for your modpack though. (Applies to and later.)

Version History

See this forum thread for current and past changelogs.

Bug Reports

Bug reports can be filed at Bitbucket. Please only file bug reports there, not support requests or general issues with installation.

MCPC+ is not supported because of changes it makes to base classes and other differences. Before you file a

1) “Aquna Eris” is an alt, don't bother putting a bounty on him.
2) Virtual binge drinking, senseless destruction of ships and property are considered “good use” in the context of this statement.
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