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Page: Machines.Carpenter - Last Modified : Wed, 25 Jul 12

Needs to be powered by a BuildCraft compatible engine.

The Carpenter is an automatic crafting machine that has a specific recipe list and cannot be used to craft other items. The Carpenter has three important uses: it can craft Bog Earth, Humus, and is used to crate many materials that don't have a storage block. It is also used to craft a beealyzer, hardened sturdy machines, iodine charges, dissipation charges, woven silk, and woven backpacks. Currently the only liquid that is used is water and only in some recipes.

Items can be piped into the Carpenter using Buildcraft pipes or will be automatically used from adjacent chests. Cartons and Crates can be piped in to the top, all crafting matrix items go in through the side, and water can be piped into any side.


For current carpenter recipes see this list.


  • I. Crafting Matrix:
    Add the resources needed for the recipe you want to create to this crafting matrix. If there are enough items available - meaning more than one per required stack - the carpenter will start to automatically craft the product. Resources are removed from the crafting matrix at the end of the crafting process.
  • II.: Box Slot:
    Some recipes require a certain box item (i.e. cartons or crates) as an ingredient. These need to be placed into this slot.
  • III. Tank:
    Some recipes, most notably the crating recipes, will require liquid (water) to craft. The required amount of liquid needs to be in the tank before crafting will begin.
  • IV. Product Display:
    After you have set the recipe and assuming the box slot is stacked correctly, this box will show you the predicted result of your recipe. It has also a secondary function: The carpenter will not start automatic crafting if at least one required item stack has only one item. In that case you can start the crafting process manually by clicking on the product slot. This will consume items in the crafting matrix and may cause the current recipe of the carpenter to be reset.
  • V. Product Slot:
    When crafting is finished the carpenter will try to deposit the finished product in this slot. If it is full or occupied by a different item, the carpenter will hold the finished product and stop crafting until the product slot is freed up.



Produces: 1 x Carpenter

Pipes (BuildCraft)


  • Cartons, Crates (Top and Bottom only)
  • Any item set in the crafting matrix (Sides)
  • Liquids (Any side)

Powered Output:

  • Product (Any side)